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YARROW seeds (achilla millefolium) from Wildflowers UK.
YARROW seeds (achilla millefolium) from Wildflowers UK - prices start from 0.95
Wildflower gallery | Grow Wild
There are around 1,600 species of wildflower in Britain and Ireland. But don’t worry, we aren’t going to list them all here!
Perennial Bloom Calendar
Botanical families, a picture gallery identification guide
Picture Gallery of families of wildflowers, bushes and trees; links to detailed pages of species pictures, identification features, habitat, distribution, uses, etymology and blooming times

Nominal size Wt full Wessex code Retail
1in 143g BMT25 £4.65
1.5in 218g BMT38 £7
2in 295g BMT50 £9

Picture Cord from Wessex

2N 4N 6N
15p /m 20p /m 25p /m